24: Legacy

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BOLD move here. 24, sans Jack Bauer…

Though we still have not reached the conclusion of the series, I have seen enough now to give my personal opinion on the risky series 24: Legacy.

Now, it has to be said, I was a big fan of the previous series of 24. They are gritty, tense and thrilling. Jack, being the main man was easy to like and even easier to be afraid of, there was no stopping him, damnit!

Now I am pleased to say that the new series with new man, Eric Carter, is good. It’s still gritty, still tense and still thrilling.

The storyline is something that 24 fans will find familiar, but I am cool with that.

HOWEVER… No Jack and no Chloe is a big loss. No matter how good the plot is, and the new characters, and the same old feel of the show is. It does not have our favourites and that will be a put off for many.

So if you were to ask me if you should watch it, I would say yes, it is a good show, but due to the lack of Bauer in the show, just don’t expect it to be the 24 we know and love. Think of it as 24: Legacy, the show we will know and like.

New Trailer Page

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That’s right!

In light of the trailers that have been released in the past few years, and the quality of them, I am inserting a new page to my blog for trailers. On this page I will be reviewing what can be expected to come and generally just try to interpret what I think the film is going to be about, and what we can get excited about!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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In light of the DVD release this week of Fantastic Beasts, I thought it fitting to do a throwback review of the latest addition to J.K Rowlings’ Wizarding World.

Right, for me, this could be a tricky one. I am the BIGGEST Harry Potter dork in the UK, at least. So trying to squeeze in a film that isn’t necessarily a prequel, but still is under the same franchise, is a controversial move by J.K Rowling. However, I believe she has done a good job in separating the story from the HUGE success that was the first 8 Harry Potter films.

Now, I am not Redmaynes’ biggest fan, but in this film he is quite a charming character that does actually grow on you. I always feel that his films are far too serious and trying to be touching, however in FB he just seems to enjoy himself, like he has always wanted to be a part of the Wizarding World. So I am fine with the casting there. The other characters actually fit their roles perfectly. Like I said before, the creators have done well in semi-separating this world from the one that we already know, so basing the film in the U.S and having U.S characters is actually quite a smart move.

Aesthetics-wise, the film is pretty. We all knew it would be, and it doesn’t disappoint. Even the beasts themselves look good and have charming traits and personalities on the most part, I do feel as though some of them were chucked in as a kind of filler beasts (if that makes sense) to make up numbers.

The plot was good, simple, but good. You do feel as though this film is merely a start of a huge story to come, which is the case as this film now has many sequels in the offing.

Now the big question. Where does it compare with Harry Potter films?

To put it simply, it doesn’t, but nor should it. Fantastic beasts is a story that has cute references to the HP films but on the whole is a vastly different experience.

So in conclusion, if you were to ask me to if you should see it, I would say yes, go nuts. It is a fun film that could develop into some much bigger story over the next few films. But don’t go expecting Harry Potter 9. The story is very separate from the original films, as any 2 stories that exist in the same universe would be, most of the time.

But on the whole, a charming film that will leave a smile on your face, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Throwback Page!


I am now introducing a ‘Throwback’ page to my blog.

The idea is that when i decide to review and older film, there will be an easy way of finding it.

So if you fancy a classic, pop on to the ‘Throwback’ page and take your pick!


Kong: Skull Island


Yup, he is back. And he has a new kick-ass poster.

Kong: Skull island. Yes the new Kong film is here and it is a good one. Trust me.

You may be unsure about it, as I was, due to the fact there have been so many Kong films before, but believe me here, this one is different.

There was a time when movies with big budgets were fun. You laugh, live the huge action sequences and witness the awe-inspiring movie moments that will be remembered. Luckily the latest version of Kong is all about that.

The first mistake you can make about this film is comparing to the old ones. The story of Kong the captive getting taken to NYC. But this time the creators decided to scrap that and make this film on Kong’s terms.

There are so many aspects to this film it will be hard to touch on them all, but here it goes:

The CGI in these films need to be up to scratch in order to blow us away, simply because it does rely on them an awful lot. But don’t worry, you will not be disappointed.

The acting. As good as you could ask for, in truth. With actors like Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston involved you are guaranteed quality, and throw John C. Reilly into the mix and you know you will get a laugh.

The plot is good. Simple as that. It is a solid story about how Kong is king on Skull Island and how he came to be respected in such a way. But when new comers come onto the island and old enemies arise, can the king keep his throne?

The music in Skull Island is key, as it helps you feel the force of Kong. Whether it is a loud instrumental crash to replicate Kong’s thunderous hits or Paranoid by Black Sabbath to initiate the first flight of the helicopters over this newly discovered land.

And finally, the true cinematic moments. The reason I could watch this film time and time again. As you can see on the poster above, the creators have taken everything that the crowd wants to see in a Kong film and crammed it all into one photo. However the aforementioned scene with helicopters flying over Skull Island accompanied by the great guitar work from Paranoid is also a moment to remember for all film fans.

In this post it may seem like I am exaggerating the quality of this film, and in many ways I might be. But this is finally a film that has ignored all of the guidelines set out by the real critics, the ones that try to make a film have more meaning than what meets the eye, and finally given cinema goers a reason to be excited. This film is a real throw-back to 70’s movies where you went to the cinema to be entertained and fall in love with films, not ones that will have you thinking until you watch them a second time.

So if you have not guessed, this film is highly recommended by me. Its edge of seat action, ground shaking soundtrack and cinematic, spine-tingling movie moments has made this a film to simply sit back and enjoy.

Get Out

Well then, let’s start with a big one, the controversial and extremely uncomfortable horror/thriller Get Out. 

I will keep this spoiler free but here’s a rough synopsis.

Get out is a horror film about a white American girl taking her black American boyfriend to meet her very… extravagant (?) parents. You quickly find that the parents have very different personalities around black people. And this is where the uncomfortable nature of this film starts.

Despite the controversy surrounding the appointment of Daniel Kaluuya as leading role; Chris. He plays the character effortlessly and is completely natural playing an American role. His delivery makes you warm to the character and therefore increases your own fear when dangerous situations surround him. Chris’ girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) also gives a warm performance as she appears to be one of the more normal characters. When Rose is on screen it makes you, the viewer, feel more safe. Finally the best friend Rod, the comic relief played by LilRel Howery, gives the audience a well deserved break.

The other characters in the film are superbly played by their respective actors, helping you get fully involved in the thrills on-screen.

The soundtrack flows effortlessly in the background of the film but does standout in the more freaky scenes, where a kind of war-chant sounds in the background. But all in all with a good mix of thrilling sounds and music from Childish Gambino, the soundtrack does help the film tell the story. What more can you ask for?

Finally the story. It is a strong plot-based horror, unlike many horror films nowadays, it does not rely heavily on jump scares and you do have to listen to feel why the situation is scary for Chris.

So in conclusion Get Out is a very good film and is something new in the horror genre. It is tense and as uncomfortable as watching 50 Shades with your dad.  However the uncomfortable nature of the film is necessary and only helps build the tension.

So should you go and see it?


What is this page!?

Hi there! For my first post I thought I would explain what this is all about!

I feel that the critics for TV, film, books and pretty much anything else these days are far too professional and are losing sight of what we as viewers are actually looking for. My aim is to provide realistic and helpful reviews from the perspective of a ‘Typical Viewer’ much like myself!

You see what critics tell us is how they feel about the lighting or how red curtains in a scene of a film have a hidden meaning leading us to believe how blah blah blah blah…

Now if you are like me and want to get to the point of ‘Is this film good?’ then please stick around and read my new blog.

I hope it helps!